Manufactured with the highest quality technical materials

All Hulls within the Humber range are constructed to Lloyds Standards and rules for G.R.P construction. The Highest quality control standards are embraced throughout the construction programme to control all aspects of manufacture. Humber maintain a rigorous and active quality assurance programme to manage production quality and product / unit verification thereby ensuring customer satisfaction, reliability and sea-keeping performance and safety.

The structural integrity and sea-keeping properties of a Humber vessel satisfies all formal U.K. standards for quality and safety. Humber RIBS can comply with UK Department of Industry standards where applicable, with the appropriate factory inspections in place. When requested, Humber has produced to SOLAS Test Standards.

Humber's high-tech tubing is manufactured with state-of-the-art Orca Hypalon Neoprene coated fabric which comes in a wide-range of colours. Orca Hypalon Neoprene coated fabric provides excellent resistance to ultra violet and its inherent ageing characteristics. Orca's rubber base offers superb fire resistance by retaining its properties when accidently exposed to heat. Orca Hypalon Neoprene coated fabric also provides high-strength, resistance to pollution; resistance to abrasion and resistance to the most extreme conditions of weather and rough passage. Furthermore the nature of Orca Hypalon Neoprene coated fabric allows repairs to be carried out at speed, precision and safe reliability.

With the Highest Standards in design, manufacturing quality and safe performance together with over 10,000 craft sold, you can rest assured that whatever the weather or sea-condition, a Humber has been there, out-performed and survived!

1. Outside Hypalon layer gives:

  • weather resistance (fading & ageing)
  • chemical resistance
  • abrasion resistance

2. Layer of Neoprene in between the Hypalon and the textile

3. High textile gives:

  • basic mechanical properties (tensile and teat strengths)
  • dimensional stability

4. Inside Neoprene sheets give:

  • high gluability and reliable adhesion
  • air tightness (no air in the high textile)

Quality Materials