Humber Heritage


Entrepreneur Frank Roffee built the first Humber Inflatable back in 1964 and was the first in the world to design, engineer and build a R.I.B.

Local divers in and around the Yorkshire Area saw the potential of the Inflatable and the business soon took off, selling over 500 units per year.

By 1970's cheap, plastic, welded inflatables put a stop to that. One of Humber's dealer at the time and close friend Paul Lemmer, suggested to Frank that he designed and built a RIB. Shortly after the Humber Attaque was launched!

The Humber Attaque, measuring 5.3m in length, became the first RIB to cross the Atlantic Ocean unaided and single handed. A vision for the future and absolute dedication pioneered a path of innovation and technology which now spans over 50 years and remains with us today.

Humber is still owned by the same family and is now spanning three generations. We have acquired an enviable worldwide reputation and clientele, supplying to the professional, commercial and leisure markets.

Humber has been increasingly expanding over the past 50 years, supplying over 20,000 craft that are in current operation across the globe. A true testament to Humber’s quality and experience.

British Antarctic Survey are one of many influential organisations who have depended upon Humber’s tough dependable quality, longevity and reliable performance, their fleet of craft endure some of the harshest weathers on the planet and have been operating  for over three decades.

Humber has a wealth of on the water experience and runs a continuous testing and commissioning programme from our private wharfage facility in the Port of Hull, England.  All new models and bespoke craft undergo extensive testing in the North Sea to finely tune performance, safety and usability. 

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