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A proud heritage and renowned reputation of supplying robust, quality diving crafts spanning over 60 years


Having exported to divers and dive clubs all around the world for over 6 decades, gaining a wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the industry. We understand that there are different requirements to meet. Whether you are diving in the North Sea or in the tropics, we can offer bespoke expert advice to create you your dream diving RIB. We have used our knowledge and experience to develop the best dive ribs on the Market. Thats why time and time again our craft are seen as the diver's choice.


Highly functional, no-nonsense utility ribs.

A proper range of Dive RIBs, with a number of adaptable layout options and a wide array of extras to best suit your individual requirements such as bottle racks, A-frames and ladders designed specifically for diving. These highly versatile craft get the job done with no fuss.   


Premium commercial grade build quality

Every Humber RIB having a reinforced commercial grade, hull combined with multi-chambered, large Hypalon tubes offer unmatched longevity lasting up to 30+ years and retaining a high resale value. Which is a true testament to our renowned strength, durability and premium build quality.

Everybody knows, Humber’s are built to last!


Proven Performance

Engineered with optimum strength, safety, speed and manoeuvrability as the core principles- Our unique hull designs offer an uncompromising, superior dry ride with proven offshore performance. Combined with the large Hypalon inflation tube strategically positioned lower to the water which provides you with greater control, stability and increased safety.


Unrivalled experience and knowledge.

Being one of the world’s first to design, develop and produce rigid inflatable boats back in 1964. We have gained an unrivalled 60+ years of experience and knowledge across all applications. Combined with our extensive direct sales knowledge and experience we can offer expert advice and RIB consultancy with impeccable after sales service.


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