Humber Retube - Before and after

Here we have a 34 years old Humber Sea Pro 4.8m RIB, formally known as the Alpha originally manufactured in 1990. The RIB was recently booked in by a commercial operator for it's first set of replacement tubes to be installed since the original purch... read more

Humber Destroyer 5.8m RIB - Stock boat to bespoke boat!

This package is an excellent example of what can be added to a stock RIB advertised on Ribworld to achieve the specification that you desire!  As you will see from the example photo, this RIB was originally advertised with a single one person co... read more

Humber Ocean Pro 7.0m Leisure RIB

This Humber Ocean Pro 7.0m RIB was a bespoke build for a private individual which is going to be used for leisure application.  This multi-tone grey package boasts plenty of additional extras which do not normally feature on the standard package... read more

Humber Assault 5.5m RIB - The Outlook Trust for visually impaired children

The outlook trust is the only charity for blind and visually impaired children that organises and provides activity and residential breaks for blind, partially sighted children and young people with other disabilities.  Jeff Davies, Charity Trus... read more

Humber Ocean Pro 6.3m RIB - National Geographic Society

A Humber Ocean Pro 6.3m RIB manufactured for National Geographic's Society. The RIB will be used by National Geographic's Pristine Seas Program, a nonprofit organisation spearheading ocean conservation around the world. It's primary purpose will be t... read more

Humber Ocean Pro 6.5m RIB - DLRG

Here we have a Humber Ocean Pro 6.5m RIB (2.6m beam), supplied via our dealership in Germany; Koser Marine for the German Life Saving Association or DLRG.  DLRG is a relief organisation for life saving in Germany and is the largest voluntary lif... read more

Humber Ocean Pro 6.3m RIB - QinetiQ

Our customers QinetiQ were looking for a RIB to assist with their research and development work. They purchased a Humber Ocean Pro 6.3m RIB to meet ISO12215 Workboat code CAT 3R.  QinetiQ are a world-centre of excellence in research and developm... read more

Humber Destroyer 5.0m RIB - Associated British Ports

The Humber Destroyer 5.0m RIB,  Humber Scout is the smallest coded multi-beam capable vessel in the UK. Its size and manoeuvrability enables HES to survey areas as far upstream as Gainsborough, where the River Trent can be too shallow for a larg... read more

Humber Offshore 9.0m RIB - Yacht Tender

This Humber Offshore 9.0m RIB was comissioned for the 49m La Dea II Yacht Charter as chase tender.  The craft was specifically built for leisure/ dive application and boasts lots of unique features;  Twin helm patrol console with bimini su... read more

Humber Ocean Pro 6.3m RIB - Sea Palling Rescue

Here we have a Humber Ocean Pro 6.3m RIB commissioned for Sea Palling Lifeboat, for inland water Rescue.  Sea Palling are an entirely independant rescue service operated and run by volunteers. Their work is essential in and around the Sea Pallin... read more

Humber Assault 5.0m RIB - RYA Show RIB

This Humber Assault 5.0m RIB was designed and built specifically for exhibit at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show 2023. The craft featured a newly designed back rest which incorporated a towing post, maximising deck space on board the craft. ... read more

Humber Ocean Pro 8.0m - Leisure

This Humber Ocean Pro 8.0m RIB was a show special, built specifically for the leisure market and boasts lots of unique features;  Twin helm console with carbon fibre facia  Bench seating with integreated with double A frame  Suzuki DF... read more

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