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Model Overview

Known as the ultimate 4 x 4 of the Ocean, The Humber Offshore true to its name is our flagship model. An unrivalled offshore RIB proven over thousands of operational sea hours.                                               

Featuring an advanced commercial grade, multi chined deep v hull with full length spray rails. Offering immense handling and control unsurpassed in comparison to other Craft of comparable size and class. The fast planing, high speed hull design makes this craft highly fuel efficient. Large diameter buoyancy tubes and extra high sheer bow produces a highly stable dry ride. Allowing you to cover longer distances, faster, and in greater comfort than any other comparable RIB on the market. This craft delivers the ultimate offshore performance coping with severe, rough weather sea conditions.

The preferred choice of commercial operators, these craft have engaged in extensive and rigorous operations. Drop tested from 5.5 meters, self-righting in 15 seconds, heel tested and excessively overloaded to more than double stated capacity in stability tests, all sections were passed with honours.

A highly adaptable craft with a number of interchangeable layout options from a singular centre console for optimal workspace to multiple seating arrangements for seafari in addition to open and fully enclosed cabins answering the needs of practically all commercial users.    



Available in standard or high specifications options

  • Proven unique deep ‘V’ high performance hull with tapered keel to increase lift and acceleration
  • ORCA Hypalon 1500gsm tapered inflation collar. Offering high resistance to UV, abrasion and extreme temperatures. Available in more than 30 colours and 6 surface finishings.
  • 7 Over pressure relief valves. Protects from over inflation and excess pressure build-up due to solar heat. ( 9 chambers 9.0m & 10.0m)
  • Outer inflation collar; heavy duty ‘D’ profile rubbing strake
  • Double ‘D’ profile rubbing strake vertical of bow
  • Forward and aft recovery grab handles
  • External moulded life lines mounted on heavy duty stainless steel D rings
  • Full height raised stowage locker with high quality reinforced polycarbon hatch
  • Anti-slip deck finish with rear drain well and transom mounted ventura drainer
  • External bow winch eye
  • Twin transom towing U bolts
  • Owner’s instruction manual, emergency repair kit and inflation pump

High Specification additions;

  • Upgrade from ORCA 1300gms Hypalon to 1500gms
  • Double ‘D’ profile rubbing strake protection
  • Reinforced D profile rubbing strake
  • Split bow chamber (additional baffle)


  10.0m 10.5m 11.0m
Maximum persons 

18 people/


20 people/


20 people/


overall length  10.0m 10.5m 11.0m
Internal length  m m m
Overall beam  3.3m 3.3m 3.3m
Internal beam m m m
Tube diameter  0.59 0.59 0.59
No. of kgchambers  7 7 7
CE Category       
Standard boat weight  1790kg 1920kg 2050kg
Max payload  3280kg 3480kg 3480kg
Maximum HP/ Engine weight 

400HP or Twin 350HP/


400HP or Twin 350HP/


400HP or Twin 350HP/


Our Portfolio

Colour Options


Light Grey
Telegrey 1
Basalt Grey
Graphite Black
Zinc Yellow
Saffron Yellow
Traffic Orange
Traffic Red
Sky Blue
Sapphire Blue


Ice White
Off White
Cream White
Artic Grey
Neptune Grey
Military Grey
Anthracite Grey
Yellow Colorado
Yellow Sunflower
Orange Sylvano
Etna Red
Italia Green
Caraibe Green
Army Green
Sandy Brown
Sea Foam
Ocean Blue
Delphes blue
Dark Blue

Metal Frame Work

Stainless Steel
Black Aluminium


Dark Grey Anti-slip
Black Anti-slip

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