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Humber has a proud heritage in the diving world and has been supplying robust, quality diving crafts world wide for over 50 years. Our craft have always represented excellent value for money, offering a wide range of solutions for an even wider range of diving reuqirements.

Having exported to divers and dive clubs all around the world, we understand that there are different requirements to meet. Whether you are diving in the North Sea or in the tropics, we can offer bespoke advice and design to you your dream boat. We have used our knowledge and experience to develop the dest dive ribs on the Market. Thats why time and time again our craft are seen as the diver's choice.

When it comes to performance, Humber are unbeatable. Our high performance ribs are defined by their incredible hull which we confidently state will outperform any other RIB manufactuer. Our ribs glide across the water rather than smash into waves, allowing exceptional comfort and fuel effiency allowing you to travel further with less fuel.

We're always happy to arrange water trials for you to test our quality and see for yourself. Demonstrations are held at our main site here in Hull, where we have our own private launch faciilties at ready. *Please note all water trials are subject to advances booking and demonstration availablity.



Please refer to specific model range for details of standard specification and optional extras available

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